Dept. of Korean Garden Cultural Contents

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Dept. of Korean Garden Cultural Contents

We provide opportunities for creative reeducation to enhance the capacities of the public or professionals by reviewing Korean gardens from various perspectives and transforming them into cultural contents.

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The Department of Korean Garden Cultural Contents is an educational institution that trains professionals who could produce creative cultural content by inheriting traditional garden culture and reinterpreting it in a modern context.

The department provides diverse interdisciplinary education not only in psychology, art, and culture but also in the field of science and technology, based on Korean traditional lifestyle. In addition it operates an integrated learning system that offers a convergence curriculum learning through theoretical, practical, and field research components.

In order to enhance accessibility for workers balancing work and education, the department operates an intensive course system that condenses the 15-week courses offered in spring and fall semesters into shorter 10-week sessions. Furthermore students have the option of taking 6-weeks of separate training courses during the summer and winter periods.

Objectives of Education

Our department focuses on developing creative capacity of making Korean style gardens(K-Gardens) and producing innovative cultural contents through inheriting inspiration from antique gardens.


Classification Abbreviation: CR-Common Requisite, CE-Common Elective, ME-Major Elective
CLS Course Title Credit LEC(LAB)
ME History and Evolution of Garden 2 3(0)
ME Art and Korean Garden 2 3(0)
ME Garden and Culture Contents 2 3(0)
ME Seonbi’s Garden 2 3(0)
ME King‘s Garden 2 3(0)
ME Urban Garden 2 3(0)
ME Signature Garden 2 3(0)
ME UNESCO Historical Garden 2 4(0)
ME Garden and Architecture 2 3(0)
ME Future Garden 2 3(0)
ME Garden Plants 2 4(0)
ME Four Season Garden 2 3(0)
ME Botanical Art 2 3(0)
ME Soil, Stone and Water 2 3(0)
ME Gardening Recipe 2 3(0)
ME Garden Interior 2 3(0)
ME Garden of Consolation 2 3(0)
ME Garden and Human Psychology 2 3(0)
ME Garden Culture Industry 2 3(0)
ME Garden Business 2 3(0)
ME Field Trip of Korean GardenⅠ·Ⅱ 2 3(0)
ME Garden Contents StudyⅠ·Ⅱ 2 3(0)
ME Korean Garden StudyⅠ·Ⅱ 2 3(0)

Full-time Professor

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Sung Sun-Yong Climate Change Impact Assessment on Natural Heritage
Kim Choong-Sik Traditional Landscape Design
Lee Jae-Yong Restoration and Construction of Historical Landscape & Gardens
Yee Sun Traditional Planting