Affiliated Institutions

Traditional Cultural Product Development Center

Traditional Cultural Product Development Center [Image]

As the only higher education institutions that nurtures experts in traditional culture and performs the function of carrying on traditional culture, NUCH provide support for the artistic production and development of cultural products of top-level human resources who study traditional culture and aims to realize the public policy of the “social utilization” of traditional culture by promoting the creativity and capacity build-up of the talents.

Traditional Culture Research Institute

Traditional Culture Research Institute [Image]

Through in-depth research and interdisciplinary connection of traditional culture and cultural heritage, this department contributes to academic advancement and takes full advantage of it for education. Moreover, we contribute to the inheritance and development of traditional culture and cultural promotion by applying it to the educational field. The research team consists of full-time faculty members, chair professors and invited researchers while research areas include discourse and basic theory of traditional culture, cultural heritage preservation policy and management, traditional technology and facilities, formative prototype research and the creative inheritance of traditional arts, scientific conservation technology, cultural industry and tourism, life and traditional culture, cultural exchange and globalization, cultural heritage in North Korea, and documentation of cultural heritage, etc.

Student Counseling Center

The Counseling Center was established to provide help to students to enjoy a well-rounded and rewarding campus life by searching for rational solutions to various problems and helping them to have a more objective understanding about themselves through specialized counseling services as students may face many different difficulties and concerns during their campus life.

Industry-Academy Cooperation Foundation

Industry-Academy Cooperation Foundation [Image]

In response to the rapid increase in the functions of university research and industry-academia cooperation, NUCH established the Industry-Academy Cooperation Foundation in November 2008 to cultivate more human resources in line with future industrial growth and to meet the demands of businesses in the traditional culture area. In January 2009 the Foundation established a framework for the simultaneous, systematic support and facilitation of research and industry-academia cooperation in order to provide integrated support for these two functions.

Lifelong Education Center

Lifelong Education Center [Image]

NUCH aims to contribute to the promotion of lifelong education in daily life by expanding and providing more opportunities for lifelong education to local residents and by developing and distributing quality programs through its Lifelong Education Center. As the university strengthens its adult education functions, it will become a key factor for regional development beyond improved life quality for individuals. We aim to grow as a university that contributes to the local community by actively networking with the local governments to further promote the lifelong education of the community.