Dept. of Traditional Architecture

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Dept. of Traditional Architecture

The Spirit of Korean Traditional Architecture is passed down into modern architecture

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Objectives of Education

Architecture is one of the most common undergraduate courses in Korea. As a result of having forgotten our historical background in the wave of industrialization, it is undoubted that designers, technicians and managers who can understand and express the traditional architecture in-depth are absolutely lacking. The department of traditional architecture aims to nurture restructuring designers who can deeply recognize these problems and fully reflect the changes of the timber architecture style. The program fosters designers who fully understand the form and space of traditional architecture, and who can express the characteristics of Korean architecture in modern architecture design and as well as experts who are capable of fully understanding, repairing and constructing the force flow inside a wooden structure, the characteristics of the material and the characteristics of the structural form at the renovation and construction site.


Offer on-the-job training and professional education based on theoretical education

The Department of Traditional Architecture provides in-depth education by dividing the study into the design and engineering fields based on traditional architecture, modern architecture, and applied architecture. In the field of architectural design, students learn the interconnection of restoration design and contemporary design, and cultivate creativity into applied design. The field of architectural engineering fosters the engineering interpretation of traditional architectural structures through fundamental understanding of mechanics and basic knowledge. It also promotes students’ analytic and intuitive abilities by experimenting changing conditions of wooden architecture with various changes in the environment.