Exchange Student

Purpose of Exchange Student Program

  • Cultivate global talents with global capabilities through student exchange with overseas universities
  • Provide students opportunities to experience local culture and improve language proficiency and scholastic ability by living abroad

Qualification for Exchange Student

Applicant Qualification
  • Enrolled student ※ Student on a leave of absence can apply, but should return to school for program.
  • Students who have acquired 36 credits or more and whose GPA is 3.0 or higher
  • Students without any record of disciplinary action or scholastic probation according to university regulations
  • Students without any reason for disqualification from overseas travel including military service law
  • Those who have taken no less than 2 semesters, and who can take from the third to seventh semester
  • Those who can understand classes offered in the local language
    • English: TOEIC 800 points or higher ※ TOEIC 700 points or higher for Dept. of Traditional Arts and Craft
    • Japanese: JPT 700 points, New JLPT N2 or higher
    • Chinese: New HSK Grade 4 or higher
    • Russian: TORFL Grade 1, SNULT Russian 3+(60 points) or higher
    • French DELF B1 or higher

※ Language proficiency test scores are only valid prior to their expiration date

Exchange Student Selection Times

Select Two Times Annually

April ~ May (for the second semester of the relevant year), September ~ October (the first semester of the following year)

Student Selection Process

Qualification Document Review

Rank for Selection: in the order of ① foreign language proficiency test score ② scholastic performance ③ student id number (newer number has priority)

Exchange Student Program Process

  • Request exchange student recommendation and recommend
  • Select, report and notify exchange student
  • Submit documents
  • Apply for admission
  • Admission approval
  • Visa application and issuance
  • Send exchange student

※ Admission and visa application documents are subject to change according to the country and school of exchange program

Program period

1 ~ 2 semesters (up to two semesters)

Exchange Student Support

Support of Living Expense
Support of Living Expense Table
Area EuropeㆍAmerica Japan Others including China and Russia
Amount 3.50 million KRW 2.50 million KRW 3.00 million KRW

※ Financial support is provided only one time upon the beginning of the program regardless of program period

※ The full amount is subject to return if a student drops out of the program.