Dept. of Conservation Science

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Dept. of Conservation Science

Breathe new life into our cultural properties to be conserved for generations.

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Objectives of Education

Conservation science is like a general hospital for cultural properties where they are diagnosed and treated for damage by applying cutting-edge science and technology. Conservation science is a study that scientifically investigates, researches and treats cultural heritages composed of various materials to extend their maximum life span and uses cutting-edge analytical instruments to comprehensively identify traditional materials and production techniques hidden in cultural heritage objects. It is also a science that observes the world of materials in archaeological materials, analyzes them precisely in a scientific way and then analyzes the phenomena. This department produces high-level experts for the permanent preservation of cultural properties.


  • Theory and practice of conservation treatment of cultural properties by materials based on the theory of natural science
  • Basic science such as chemistry, biology, environmentology, metallography, materials
  • Research on production technique and technological system of cultural properties through natural science analysis
  • Laboratory and on-the-job practice using cutting edge analytic instruments
  • Local and overseas cultural properties survey research and visit programs