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15 Won the Oral Presentation award at the Korean Society of Conservation Science for Cultural Heritage 문화재보존과학과 21
14 The use of hydrophilic architectural binders in the Joseon Dynasty 문화재보존과학과 8
13 A scientific analysis of the firefighting helicopter “Kka-chi(Magpie)” No. 2 문화재보존과학과 5
12 Won ‘the Cultural Heritage Administration Award’ at 3D Printing BIZCON Competition Design Division 문화재보존과학과 1
11 The Best Poster Award at the Korean Society of Conservation Science for Cultural Heritage 문화재보존과학과 3
10 Study on Corrosion Characteristics of Excavated Bronze Artifacts According to Corrosion Environment 문화재보존과학과 1
9 A study on Characteristics of Corrosion Layers and Corrosion Products 문화재보존과학과 2
8 A study on The Reuse Methods of Traditional Metal Hardware for Reinforcing the Structure 문화재보존과학과 1
7 A study on Metallurgical Analysis of Ironware Excavated from Janggye-ri Ancient Tombs in Jangsu 문화재보존과학과 2
6 A study on Analysis of Preservation Processing and Manufacturing Techniques of Steel Seated Buddha 문화재보존과학과 1
5 A study on Manufacturing Techniques and Conservation Plan for the Molding Clay 문화재보존과학과 1
4 A study on Evaluation of Deterioration Patterns of Laotian Laterite through Salt Spray Testing 문화재보존과학과 2
3 Applicability Research of Restoration Material for Bronze using Copper PLA 3D Printing 문화재보존과학과 18
2 A Study on Evaluations Methods of Conserving Painted Sculpture 문화재보존과학과 10
1 A Study on the Applicability iof Cathodic protect for the Outdoor Sculptures Corrosion 문화재보존과학과 9

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