Course Guide

  • A total of 30 credits must be completed to complete the master's program
Classification of courses: common course and major elective course Common Course
  • Master's students are required to complete all common courses.
Major Elective Course
  • Master's students are required to complete at least 12 credits or more major elective courses.
  • Completion of major elective courses in other majors can be recognized as major elective courses.
    • A maximum of 3 courses(9 credits)
  • A maximum of 12 credits is accepted for the Specialized Research Course

Course Introduction

The degree course will be conducted in English and Korean. Heritage-related subjects such as cultural heritage management, cultural heritage utilization, cultural heritage policy, digital heritage industry, World Heritage (WH), Historic Urban Landscape (HUL), cultural heritage conservation and restoration, heritage interpretation, and Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) will be opened in this course. The graduates pursue professional careers such as specialists in the field of World Heritage and digital heritage; curators and researchers regarding the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage, cultural heritage educators working in museums and heritage sites, managers and operators working in cultural heritage utilization companies and production companies, etc.

Courses of International Cultural Heritage Studies
Courses of International Cultural Heritage Studies
  • UNESCO Sustainable Development Issues
  • Convergence Conservation & Utilization of Glocal Heritage Issues
  • Independent Studies
  • Thesis Research
  • Heritage Conservation Methodology (UNESCO Chair Lecture Series/Webinar)
  • Cultural Heritage Conservation Discourse
  • Urbanism·Architecture Heritage History
  • Historical Urban Landscape & Cultural Landscape
  • Heritage Conservation & Restoration
  • Intangible Heritage Safeguarding & Utilization
  • Documentary heritage & Utilization
  • Local Heritage Resource Utilization
  • Heritage Education & Interpretation
  • Cultural Heritage Interpretation Methodology
  • Digital Heritage Policy & Industry
  • Digital Content Strategy *
  • Heritage Management Policy *
  • Heritage Contents Utilization
  • Cultural Heritage Law & Institution
  • Disaster Prevention for Climate Change & Cultural Heritage
  • Heritage Communication
  • Heritage Conservation & Capacity Building
  • Cultural Heritage & International Development Cooperation
  • Specialized Research Course *

* Existing graduate courses
** 3 credits (3hours x 15weeks) for each course