Korea National University of Cultural Heritage advances toward being a prestigious university of cultural heritage leading the world through a variety of exchange activities with advanced countries in cultural heritage without remaining satisfied as being the only university of cultural heritage in Korea.

Kim Jae-yeol [Image]

It’s my great pleasure to greet all of you in our university.
Furthermore, I cordially welcome your visit to Korea National University of Cultural Heritage (KNUCH).

Korea National University of Cultural Heritage was established for special purposes under the founding philosophy ‘National Independence, Cultural Development’ in 2000. These special purposes are to inherit and develop traditional culture and develop specialists for keeping, managing and utilizing Korea’s cultural heritage.

As the only national university in Korea teaching traditional culture and cultural heritage, KNUCH has been providing optimized educational programs for students with leading faculty members who have garnered both practical theoretical knowledge and experiences in various fields as well as a perfect educational infrastructure for practical training and practices. Two undergraduate colleges include seven departments: Cultural Heritage Management, Traditional Landscape Architecture, Traditional Building, Cultural Heritage Conservation Science, Convergence Archaeology, Traditional Arts and Crafts and Intangible Cultural Heritage. The master and doctoral programs are opened in the general graduate school and the professional graduate school offers in-depth R&D on academic and practical theories.

KNUCH emphasizes progressive learning that is led by students rather than teaching by faculty members to enable students to recognize the necessity for traditional culture and cultural heritage on their own, design solutions and find creative approaches in order to develop professionals who can lead the 21st century. KNUCH has been also endeavoring to comply with the nature of college education to help students lead their lives wholly and soundly as well as to guide each student toward becoming a professional in accordance with the founding purposes.

Greeting the 20th anniversary of its founding, KNUCH continues its endeavor to be prestigious school of cultural heritage leading the world through a variety of exchange activities with advanced countries in the cultural heritage field without remaining satisfied with its position as the only cultural heritage school in Korea. Furthermore, KNUCH will complete the educational system as an advanced Residential College where students study and live in the school for the second establishment as a prestigious school.

As the only school for inheriting and developing traditional culture in Korea, KNUCH hopes your great interest and encouragement will be continued as we continue our path as a global school related to cultural heritage.

Thank you.