We are thrilled to welcome you to the Korea National University of Cultural Heritage (KNUCH). Our university was founded in 2000 with the mission to cultivate a proud national culture and create cultural innovations. We are proud to be the only national university in Korea that specializes in traditional culture and cultural heritage education.


At KNUCH, we provide students with the optimal education program led by the best professors who have both practical and theoretical experiences, and we have ample educational infrastructure for practical training. Our undergraduate program offers seven departments in two colleges, including Cultural Heritage Management, Traditional Landscape Architecture, Traditional Architecture, Cultural Heritage Conservation Science, Convergence Archaeology, Traditional Fine Arts and Crafts, and Intangible Cultural Heritage. Furthermore, we have graduate schools and a Future Cultural Heritage Graduate School, which offers master's and doctoral programs for advanced research in both theoretical and practical areas.

We are committed to fostering experts who are suitable for the 21st century by providing a student-centered education that helps our students recognize the importance of traditional culture and cultural heritage. As the field of cultural heritage faces changes in the protection system of national treasures and the digital transformation of cultural properties, we are dedicated to addressing these challenges and systematically training professionals who can meet the needs of society and the demands of the times.

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we aspire to become the best university in Korea for inheriting and developing traditional culture, as well as a world-renowned university for cultural heritage. We hope you will take an interest in our programs and support us on this journey.