University, Extramural Scholarship

Scholarship Programs (Innovative ideas that inspire others)

People form the core of our values. We strive to expand investment in helping students learn through securing funding for scholarships and in-depth programs in close cooperation with corporations and government organizations.
On-campus scholarship programs:

Scholarship for High Achievement on the Entrance Exam, Scholarship for Nurturing Future Experts, Scholarship for Those of National Merit and Their Families, Scholarship for Those Promoting the Prestige of NUCH, Buddy Scholarship, Volunteer Scholarship, Outstanding Language Proficiency Scholarship, Scholarship for Contest Winners, Overseas Language Training Scholarship, Exchange Student Scholarship, Family Scholarship, etc.

Off-campus scholarship programs:

KOSAF, Buyeo-gun Guttrae Scholarship, Friends of The National Folk Museum of Korea, Hanchem, Yeol, Youngsan Cultural Heritage Research Institute, etc.