Dept. of Cultural Properties Management

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Dept. of Cultural Properties Management

We nurture cultural properties managers who are equipped with comprehensive and well-organized knowledge and practical skills in cultural properties management.

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Objectives of Education

Unlike cultural properties studies of other general colleges, the Department of Cultural Management is a social science that rediscovers the modern values of cultural properties in the dynamically changing social environment and explores and analyzes future-oriented ways of preserving and utilizing cultural properties. This covers cultural property policy, cultural property management, cultural property-related laws and cultural property management. The department nurtures cultural property management experts who are equipped with the comprehensive and organized knowledge and practical abilities such as policy and planning ability, laws and regulations enforcement ability and cultural property interpretation and the utilization ability necessary for cultural property conservation utilization as well as the international perspective, cultural sensitivity and creativity needed in this global era.


  • The first year is focused on the cultural literacy necessary for cultural property management and the education of basic knowledge necessary for studying major studies.
    • General Liberal Arts courses, culturally related liberal arts courses, major-related courses, Introduction to Law, Introduction to Administration, etc.
  • The second year course focuses on the correct understanding of the cultural property and learning basic knowledge of the majors.
    • Cultural Property Management, Cultural Management, Public Land Law, World Heritage Management, Administrative Law, Constitution, Economics, Tangible Cultural Property, Cultural Anthropology, Korean Bibliography, Intangible Cultural Property, etc.
  • The third year focuses on in-depth major courses.
    • Cultural Property Law, Cultural Marketing, Overseas Cultural Property Protection System, Cultural Property Policy Case Study, Cultural Facility Management, Cultural Landscape Policy, Literature Cultural Property Management, World Heritage Protection Case Study, Cultural Contents Management, Movable Cultural Property Conservation and Management, Culture and Arts Administration, Living Cultural Heritage Archive, Cultural Tourism Industry, etc.
  • The fourth year is mostly about application and its process of major knowledge.
    • Cultural Property Human Resources Management, Cultural Heritage Information, Cultural Heritage Education, Special Lecture on Cultural Law and Policy, Special Lecture on Cultural Policy, Special Lecture on Culture Management, etc.