Student organization

Student Council

The Student Council is a self-governing organization that presents autonomous solutions to various problems on behalf of students of NUCH, represents students' opinions, and engages in external exchanges. In order to fulfill these roles, students elect a chairperson and a vice chairperson who have departments of various functions under the chairperson and vice chairperson.

Student Council [Image]Student Council [Image]Student Council [Image]

NUCH offers a campus environment optimized for an enriching student experience

  • Ullim (traditional percussion band)

    Ullim aims to help students learn to play folk music and disperse traditional culture, while also adding to the cultural diversity on campus and bringing students closer together.

  • Moye Sarang (hapgido)

    Members bolster both their physical and mental strength, improve morale, and lead an energetic campus life by learning the movements and spirit of hapgido (a type of Korean martial art).

  • Philocinema (film)

    Film enthusiasts gather together to watch movies and engage in discussions. Philocinema also organizes on-campus screenings to invite other students to explore films from different cultures.

  • Coming Out (rock band)

    The members of this rock band strive to improve their instrumental skills while satisfying their passion for rock music. They stage on-campus and off-campus performances, contributing to expanding the diversity of student-led college culture.

  • Others

    Currently, there are 18 active student clubs in the university, which includes Tropical (dance), Teojin Mulgam (painting), Ttakkeun Ttkakkeun (volunteer activity), Buddhist Students’ Society (Buddhism), Café Gamu (coffee), Road Star(astronomy), G & B (acoustic guitar), Gongyasa (handicraft), Buyorkers (baseball), Soul (hip-hop), Honjeoopseoye (calligraphy), and Shalam(Christianity).

Newspaper and Broadcasting

Newspaper and Broadcasting [Image]

NUCH Newspaper and Broadcasting started as a “Korean Traditional Culture University Newspaper” in March 2000, publishing a monthly 12-page Korean Traditional Culture University Newspaper (during semester) and enacted the Korean National University of Cultural Heritage Newspaper and Broadcasting regulations to integrate an old University Newspaper Publication (Korean Traditional Culture University) and Broadcasting to reach its current form. It published the 95th issue in June, 2015.

NUCH Newspaper and Broadcasting contributes to the promotion of the campus media culture by covering and delivering news inside and outside the campus in an accurate manner. With the newly-created program named ‘Munhwajaeyeon (Cultural Properties)’, cultural properties related information has been provided to the readers since the second semester of 2006 (42nd issue).

The University Newspaper is published six times a year (three times per semester) and student reporters participate in the overall newspaper production process from news gathering and writing articles to editing.

We will contribute to the promotion of public relations and the university development by establishing the right values for students of traditional culture, promoting public opinions for deepening the academic environment on campus, reporting campus trends, providing scholarly information, improving student qualification and culture.