Graduate School of Cultural Heritage for the Future

Dept. of Urban Cultural Management[Image]

Dept. of Urban Cultural Management

Our goal is to cultivate practical talent capable of understanding and identifying the diverse value and potential of local cultural heritage, planning cultural and historic city projects, and executing sustainable development and heritage-based local revitalization.

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The Department of Urban Cultural Management trains culture-specialists who revitalize places by utilizing the historical and cultural resources of regions.

The curriculum includes subjects that cover case studies and methods for activating local places based on an understanding of local culture and heritage management systems. Additionally, workshops addressing on-site local issues are conducted.

Old roads, streetscapes, modern architectures, and landscapes embody spaces imbued with history and culture, serving as places where the present and future generations coexist.

The Department of Urban Cultural Management seeks to unearth the value of places, teaching methods of activating spaces through festivals, tourism, and marketing, while training practical professionals who lead sustainable development in cities and regions.

Objectives of Education

We train urban and local cultural professionals capable of formulating and implementing policies and projects aimed at rehabilitating urban and local areas based on historical and cultural resources.


Classification Abbreviation: CR-Common Requisite, CE-Common Elective, ME-Major Elective
CLS Course Title Credit LEC(LAB)
CR Heritage and Future Development 3 3(0)
CR History and Philosophy of Heritage 3 3(0)
CE Workshop for Cultural Heritage for the Future I, II 3 3(0)
ME Introduction to Heritage Studies 3 3(0)
ME Heirtage System and Policy 3 3(0)
ME Legislative System of City and Culture 3 3(0)
ME Heritage and Place Identity 3 3(0)
ME Theory of Digital Heritage Policy 3 3(0)
ME Archiving of Local Heritage 3 3(0)
ME Urban and Spatial Theory 3 3(0)
ME Living Heritage and Community 3 3(0)
ME Methodology of Cultural Resources Investigation 3 3(0)
ME Theory of Regional Policy for Culture 3 3(0)
ME History of Urban Architecture Culture 3 3(0)
ME City and Place Marketing 3 3(0)
ME Creating and Managing Historic and Cultural City 3 3(0)
ME Modern Architectural Heritage and Urban Regenerat 3 3(0)
ME Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Local Development 3 3(0)
ME Heritage Resource and Local Tourism Development 3 3(0)
ME Heritage-based Local Revitalization 3 3(0)
ME Workshop for Urban Cultural Management I, II 3 3(0)
ME World Heritage Interpretation and Explanation 3 3(0)
ME Interpreting Korean Architectural Culture 3 3(0)
ME Analysis of World Heritage System 3 3(0)
ME Historic and Cultural Environment Management and Space Contents 3 3(0)
ME Disaster Prevention in Urban Heritage 3 3(0)
ME Thesis Advising 3 3(0)

Full-time Professor

Professor Major e-mail
Jung Sang-Chul Public Administration
Kim Young Jae History and theory & Design of Architecture and the City
Seo Jae Kweon Intellectual Property Law