Dept. of Traditional Landscape Architecture

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Dept. of Traditional Landscape Architecture

We create a more beautiful space in harmony not only with Korean culture and sentiments and lifestyle, but also with nature.

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Objectives of Education

The Department of Traditional Landscape Architecture nurtures experts in preserving Korean natural heritage including landscape planning, design and construction which inherits traditional landscaping into modern landscape and who can be responsible for the restoration and management of the landscaping culture such as at historical sites, scenic spots, and monuments.


As fundamental education for traditional landscapes, students learn subjects including the history of Korean culture, the understanding of cultural properties, the interpretation of cultural properties protection law and the understanding of the Korean landscape. Students also take classes such as practical landscape design and planning, landscape history, landscape botany, traditional landscaping aesthetics, landscape architecture, eastern and western landscaping and understanding of Korean landscaping in order to become experts in traditional landscaping. The course is designed to be used in the field. The courses include subjects such as landscaping landscape theory, plant design, CAD, cultural property survey, landscape integration, landscape management and cultural property-related regulations. Students are given opportunities to participate in major research projects to hone their practical work skills.