Graduate School of Cultural Heritage for the Future

Korea National University of Cultural Heritage opened the Graduate School of Cultural Heritage for the Future in Sejong City in February 2022 to offer continuing education for professionals and adults.

The Graduate School of Cultural Heritage for the Future is a special graduate school that runs on weekdays during the evening and on weekends. We search for forward-thinking individuals who will expand the horizons of heritage and traditional culture and enhance people's quality of life through cultural enrichment.

Department of Urban Cultural Management

We train urban and local cultural professionals capable of formulating and implementing policies and projects aimed at rehabilitating urban and local areas based on historical and cultural resources.

Our goal is to cultivate practical talent capable of understanding and identifying the diverse value and potential of local cultural heritage, planning cultural and historic city projects, and executing sustainable development and heritage-based local revitalization.

Department of Utilization and Education of Traditional Culture

We train communicators who possess the skills to interpret, educate, and present the culture, history, and art encompassed within traditional culture and cultural heritage.

Our department offers opportunities for individuals in related fields and adults seeking comprehensive expertise in tangible and intangible cultural heritage as communicators of traditional culture and cultural heritage.

Department of Korean Garden Cultural Contents

Our department focuses on developing creative talent capable of producing Korean gardens and innovative cultural contents by drawing inspiration from traditional gardens.

We provide opportunities for creative reeducation to enhance the capacities of the general public or professionals by reassessing Korean gardens from various perspectives and transforming them into cultural contents.

Department of Cultural Properties Diagnosis and Valuation

We specialize in cultivating practical talent that keeps pace with the evolving paradigm of cultural properties diagnosis and valuation, particularly suitable for the humanities and natural science fields.