Graduate School of Cultural Heritage

Combining a traditional landscape, traditional architecture, historical cities, world heritage, traditional arts and craft and conservation science, the Graduate School of Cultural Heritage is composed of the Department of Repair and Restoration, which nurtures specialists in the conservation, repair and restoration of cultural properties, and the Department of Intangible Heritage Studies, which aims to pass down and utilize intangible heritages. The two departments staff experienced professors who can easily cooperate with adjacent areas and the department’s cutting-edge equipment and necessary space for practice will highlight the characteristics of the graduate school. In addition, we teach students the in-depth on-site practical skills and experience required in the field after graduation by providing specialized research programs linked with the field based on comprehensive theories.

Dept. of Heritage Conservation and Restoration

Breathe new life into our cultural properties through traces of the past.

To nurture experts equipped with practical capabilities in cultural heritage preservation, the repair and restoration of national culture inheritances, and development and culture development, we strengthened practical education linked with various majors in the field of cultural heritage, contributing to the conservation of cultural heritage.

Dept. of Preservation Technology Of Cultural Heritage [Image]Dept. of Preservation Technology Of Cultural Heritage [Image]Dept. of Preservation Technology Of Cultural Heritage [Image]